A Hat for All Seasons
style: A Hat for All Seasons
sizes: N/A

This stylish hat with two brim options is a perfect way to introduce you to sewing machine millinery art. Intermediate sewing skills required.

Includes generic sewing machine feet suggestions with specific suggestions for Bernina machines.

Materials required:
One yard of fabric, either all the same or coordinating pieces. Choose fabric with good body, such as velveteen, wool, corduroy, linen, heavier cottons.
1/2 yard lighter fabric for bias crown and edge trim.
White glue.
Pastry brush.
Millinery wire and wire cutters.
1/2 yard heavy buckram.
Fabric and utility shears.
Thread (good quality 100% polyester, we suggest Mettler or Gutterman if available).
Sewing machine walking foot, piping foot, and all purpose foot.
Pins, markers and general sewing supplies.
For trim: silk flowers, feathers, buttons, ribbons, or anything else from your stash!

price: $12.00
item #: H107